1. What types of construction projects does your company undertake?

Fix Land offers services as a contractor for domestic and commercial clients throughout the province of Ontario, Canada. We can undertake the projects including the following:

⦁ Interlocking,
⦁ Landscaping,
⦁ Painting,
⦁ Junk Removal
⦁ etc.

It’s easier to take a look at the services section on our website.


2. What is the turnaround time?


Our turnaround time varies from project to project and depends on the size and nature of the project.


3. How many plans do you offer?

We offer three plans for our customers under respective categories:

⦁ Basic Plan
⦁ Premium Plan
⦁ VIP Plan
For further details about each plan, please visit the pertinent tab of our website.


4. Do you have any affiliate program?


Yes, we offer a 30% commission on the front end. Please send us an email at support@fixland.ca or enroll in our affiliate program on our website.


5.Do you build houses??


Yes, we do. We are highly qualified and carry out alternation, renovation, landscaping, painting, interlocking, junk, drywall, removal, etc jobs.


6. Do you perform work in other provinces of Canada?

Not yet, at the moment, we perform only in the province of Ontario.


7. We are a government organization that pays for small projects with a credit card. Does your company accept this type of payment?

Yes. We are familiar with this type of procurement.


8. How does your refund policy work?

Users can cancel an order within 24 hours of making payment.
However, If satisfied by the genuineness of the complaint, Fix Land may refund the user within 30 days of the notice of discontinuance.